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To book your Nail Technician Training course at The Wessex Nail Academy please fill in the form below and submit. The Wessex Nail Academy successfully delivers high quality, Accredited Nail Training Courses for the application of finger and toenail enhancements . We are highly trained with over 20 years industry experience and we are always keeping abreast of emerging fashions, new products and techniques.Our Nail Technician Training Courses include; Gel, Gel 2, Gel II, Gelish, Gelish Hard Gel, Acrylic, Silk and Fibreglass and Nail Art training,

Accredited Nail Training Courses are not booked until we have the deposit paid in full. Full payment is required in order for a definite booking to be made. Terms and Conditions are available on request. We will email them to you if required.

Please ensure you have filled in the correct email address and contact numbers in order for us to be able to contact you.

Please use this booking form to book the Nail Training Course or Courses that you wish to attend. Please call 01258 863854 to discuss the Nail training courses that you are interested in and find out what your options are to improve your nail enhancement skills and techniques.

We’d love for you to become a student of the Wessex Nail Academy and to do this for you we do need to collect a small amount of personal information. This is your name, first and surname, home phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, date of birth, Emergency contact name and phone number, Ethnic origin, name and date of course requested, any previous beauty nail qualifications (yes or no)…if yes state qualification, if model required their name and contact details of the model (This must include their consent for you to give The Wessex Nail Academy their name and contact details stating that they agree to OPT IN for their personal information and data to be collected, processed and stored by The Wessex Nail Academy), as described below and finally how you as the student would like your name to appear on any certificates awarded for successful course completion. Wessex Nail Academy will always treat your personal data with the utmost care and it is not sold to any other companies or organisations for any reason.

Important Training Course Booking Information

The Online booking form on The Wessex Nail Academy web site must be completed IN FULL and returned to The Wessex Nail Academy to PRE BOOK your course start date AND a 50% advance payment of the full course fee must be paid to The Wessex Nail academy TO SECURE your course start date.

Please note the Wessex Nail Academy must be informed of any medical conditions or disabilities on your booking form so we can adjust the course facilities and training criteria.

Once you have completed and submitted the online booking form your contract starts with the Wessex Nail Academy and is legally binding. We will send you an email with the details of payment and course information once the online booking form is completed and submitted to us.

A 50% advance payment of the full course fee must be paid with in 24 hours of submitting your online booking form. If the 50% advance payment of the full course fee is not paid within the 24 hours then the course place will be cancelled and offered to another student.

The 50% advance payment of the full course fee is non refundable and non transferable

The outstanding payment balance must be paid no later then seven day prior to the course start date. Failure to do so will mean that the student WILL NOT be allowed to attend the course and the deposit will not be refunded.

Once the course has been paid for in full, then your home study training manual and exam will be emailed to you.

The exam paper must be completed and bought in on the day of the course for marking; failure to do so will me that YOU WILL be removed from the course and your course fee will not be refunded.

All course fees and kit costs are non refundable and non transferable with the exception of medical grounds being the reason for cancelling. In the event of a student cancelling on medical grounds, then a valid medial certificate with the students name and date that covers part of or the full duration of the course must be submitted To The Wessex Nail Academy. 50% of the course fee will be refunded within a month of the medial certificate being submitted to and verified by the Wessex Nail Academy.

If the Wessex Nail Academy has to close due to conditions outside of our control e.g. bad weather conditions, flooding or fire, then the Wessex Nail Academy will not refund your course fees, the course will be moved to an alternative date/location.

All students and their models must arrive fifteen minutes prior to the start time of the course. Any student who arrives late will be removed from the course and their fee is non refundable.

Student’s clothing must be professional and appropriate, clean and personal hygiene to a good standard.

Students are responsible to bring their own models to the training course. If the student’s model decides to cancel attending the course and the student cannot find a placement model, the students fee will not be refunded.

Students purchasing their own kits must make sure they have the full items needed to complete the course and the kit contents are industry standard and insurable products. If the student is unsure about kit items or the brand of the product they wish to train with then they must discuss this with the Wessex Nail Academy prior to the course start date. The Student must contact the Wessex Nail Academy to inform them of the brand they have chosen to use. The Wessex Nail Academy will not allow un-insurable materials/ products and equipment to be used upon of their courses by any student.

Student/models that act inappropriately whilst on the property of Wessex Nail Academy will be instantly dismissed.

Models attending the nail courses must come with clean natural nails (If the student is completing a pedicure course the model must have clean feet and clean natural toe nails).

Models attending threading courses must have three weeks hair growth on legs, brows and upper lip.

Models attending the Lash Lift/Perm with Brow and Lash Tinting must be wearing no make up and a 48 hour patch test must be completed prior to the course.

Students may be asked to pair up and work on each other, if models are not required.

Students must complete their case studies (Nail Courses) and email them to the Wessex Nail Academy prior to them returning for the last stage of their course. Failure to do so will mean that the student cannot be fully assessed and the student will not pass. Course fees will not be refunded.

All material written by The Wessex Nail Academy is produced and published under copyright law and must not be copied or reproduced in any manner.

Students and models will have photograph taken throughout the training day or days. The images are the copyright property of the Wessex Nail Academy and will be used as photographic evidence of the student’s course attendance, the work the student produced and also to use by the Wessex Nail Academy for advertising purposes on various social media platforms.

Certificates will be given to the student on the final day of their course after successfully passing the course. If a student does not pass the course then they will not be awarded a pass certificate. If a student loses their certificate then a replacement can be provided upon request at a charge of £25 per certificate.

Students and models must abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Wessex Nail Academy at all times.

By providing this personal information and data a person is giving Wessex Nail Academy their consent, THIS CONSENT MEANS THE PERSON HAS CHOSEN TO OPT-IN for their personal information and data to be collected, processed and stored for the duration of their training by Wessex Nail Academy’s, and for 7 years after completion of their last training course, this being a business insurance requirement, or until a person requests the deletion of personal information and data that is not required by The Wessex Nail Academy for business insurance purposes.

If you DO NOT WISH THIS PERSONAL INFORMATION AND DATA TO BE COLLECTED, PROCESSED AND STORED by Wessex Nail Academy then DO NOT enter the personal information and data into this form which is required by Wessex Nail Academy. This personal information and data is required by Wessex Nail Academy to be able to carry out your instruction and deliver the requested training services once appropriate assessments have been made and payment received by Wessex Nail Academy. The appropriate assessments and payment receipt are the next stages in registering to become a student of The Wessex Nail Academy, this happens once this initial personal information and data has been received by the Wessex Nail Academy and processed.

Personal information and data collection, processing, storage and deletion information and data privacy policies are all to be found on the Data Privacy page of The Wessex Nail Academy’s website.

Wessex Nail Academy will always treat your personal data with the utmost care and it is not sold, rented or shared with any other person, company or organisation for any reason.

All Nail Training Courses are Associated Beauty Therapists Accredited

Associated Beauty Therapists Accredited

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