Silk and Fibreglass Nail Training Course

Creative Acrylics by the Nail Workshop, Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset

This Silk and Fibreglass wrap system has the ability for individual production of a customised nail extension or over lay that meets every clients needs. This system achieves strength by using either Fibreglass or Silk. Layers of resin will be applied to the nail enhancement leaving its appearance thin, smooth and shiny.

In order to attend this Silk and Fibreglass Nail Training Course a manicure qualification is required.

This is a four day Silk and Fibreglass Nail Training Foundation course. Days 1 and 2 consecutively with a 2 week break including homework. Days 3 and 4 consecutively. Day 4 is practical/theory, examination and assessment. Model required for this day (day 4).

Silk and Fibreglass Nail Training Course Cost

£480 excluding Kit

Kit Cost


System Kit

• Resin


• Activator

• Silk/Fibreglass

• Tips

• Tip Cutter

• Cuticle Tool

• Cuticle Nipper

• Stork Scissors

• White sanding block

• 3 way buffer

• Files

All training courses are Associated Beauty Therapists Accredited

Associated Beauty Therapists Accredited

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